Applications of M2M

The m2m applications are pretty vast. Since the birth of m2m, many automated devices and tools have taken various places. DolphinM2M is attending M2M World Congress 2016 We shall just give you the overview of them.

Payment: Vending machines, ATM Terminals, point of sales, Gaming machines.

Security: Access Control, surveillances, Alarm systems, Car or driver security.

Tracking systems: order management, Fleet management, road tolling, traffic controlling.

Metering: power, water, gas, heating, grid control metering.

Health: Supporting the aged, monitoring the vital signs, Remote diagnosis, and Web Accessed telemedicine points.

Manufacturing: production chain monitoring and Automation monitoring.

Facility management: home automation or building or school or college campus automation or monitoring.

Remote maintenance or Controlling: Elevator control, sensors, lighting, pumps, valves, vehicle diagnostics.

You may have known these applications, but we guess today you got to know about the technology behind them.